About us

Why choose Peace Country Canada Hosting?

A Canadian owned and operated cryptocurrency mining corporation.

What makes us special?

Operating a cryptocurrency mining operation larger than your garage requires a wide ranging and relatively unique set of skills, knowledge, capability, and consideration. From power costs to noise management, from redundancy to environment, from internet connectivity to network management and security, and from corporate citizenship to corporate responsibility.

  • 100% Canadian.
  • We welcome customers all over the world.
  • No minimum limit.
  • 24 hour support.

Our experienced management team of entrepreneurs with a combined 60 years Hosting and IT experience are bringing a new level of simplicity and care to the cryptocurrency mining experience. With optimal affordability, ease, and manageability in mind, we’ve picked the best of all worlds in security, reliability, and climate control and manageability to make your experience as profitable, seamless, and carefree as possible.

How cryptocurrency mining with us works

We make the process as easy as possible for you. Here's how it works:

Reserve your spot

Reserve your cryptocurrency miner hosting spot through our easy to use web interface.

Ship your units

Send your miners with our easy to use labels to our central asset logging facility where we allocate power, label, and tag your assets.

Start mining

You can forget about the rest of the steps as we take care of the balance and you just start mining and earning coins.