Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Frequently Asked Questions section, We update it regularly to make sure you find the answers you need about our services and green energy cryptocurrency hosting

1Where is your data centre located?
We are based in Canada and currently operate a pair of data centres in the Peace Region of Northern, Alberta. Our shipping office is in Ottawa, ON.
2What services do you provide?
We provide hosting solutions for cryptocurrency miners.
3What payment options do you accept?
We are currently accepting direct deposit, BTC, BCH, Paypal, Visa, M/C, and E-Transfer.
4When can I ship my Miners?
Once you have a confirmed payment receipt that is issued by us via email, it will contain shipping information and references for you to send us your mining hardware.
5What kind of mining hardware do you accept?
We are dedicated to supporting only current generation ASIC and Litecoin miners. Avalon and Bitmain being the two primary manufacturers available today. If you have a different mining setup, please contact us for specific direction BEFORE purchasing any space. Space and power are in high demand, if you have a suitable setup we can provide a customized price. Contact us.
6Why is there a minimum order quantity?
Due to high demand and the level of systems management and service we provide, we cannot support less than 24 miners.
7How long does it take to get my miners up and running?
Miners are setup and running within 5 business days of receipt. This is mostly due to delivery and setup timelines (Canada is a big place).
8What Other Services are being provided?
In addition to the setup, tracking, monitoring, climate conditioning, power provisioning, and Internet connection. We also provide individual server support in case of reboot, minor repairs, and retrieval / shipping for warranty. These extra services are provided for an additional cost.
9I want to sign up! What’s next?
Either call, email, or fill in the webform to get the process started. We will need to know how many units you’re sending, and if we need to configure the units for a pool, and the shipping method ( FOB our warehouse in Ottawa, Ontario ).
10What happens if I miss a payment?
Your miners are shut down as soon as payment is past due for the period. We invoice 30 days in advance so you have a small window before that happens. If your miners are shut down for non payment, there is a reconnection fee to get them going again unless you intended to have them returned. Within 48 hours your miners will be removed from their hosting slot and shipped back to our asset management warehouse in Ottawa after which you will have 30 days to arrange for pickup before they are slated for disposal. We strongly recommend using void cheque auto withdrawals to avoid any possibility of accidentally missing payments.
11Do you need to have insurance?
Your miners are insured for replacement value in the event of Fire, Water, or Theft losses while hosted at our facility. Unfortunately that doesn’t cover lost revenues and while it’s unlikely that you might ever need to worry about it, there is a reason for insurance, so you may wish to have that extra coverage yourself. Please see our hosting agreement for more details on the coverage provided.

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