Hosting your cryptocurrency miner at home can be complicated, very expensive, and noisy. We have assembled a miner hosting solution that saves you the trouble, saves you money, and eliminates all your headaches. Check out the technology features we have to offer you.

Real Time Video Monitoring and recording

Have a live look at the status of your mining or IT assets anytime.

API Web Interface

Take control of your miner directly to have immediate updates and changes to your assets dashboard

Green Energy Support

Keeping the planet cool and clean.

Dedicated VPN to manage your servers directly

We support VPN access for remote miner management and monitoring.

Optimized Power/Heat Management and physical footprint

Our unique facilities design and operation keeps your costs and environment optimally operating.

Network Management and monitoring 24x7

24 x 7 live monitoring of the network environment to ensure maximum uptime for all servers. ( WE ARE OUR OWN CLIENTS TOO! )

Lower your costs of power and cooling, eliminate your technology headaches, and let us worry about the noise.

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